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    Email error sees new graduates job hopes dashed

    21 July 2016

    A 'technical glitch' saw hundreds of new graduate nurses have their job hopes raised then dashed yesterday after an incorrect email was sent out to unsuccessful job applicants.

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    New grad jobs up but just under half miss out

    21 July 2016

    Just over half of the applicants for new graduate nursing jobs in the July round were successful but 47 per cent missed out. 

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    RN prescribing a legal reality

    11 July 2016

    The first registered nurse prescriber could be signing their first script on 20 September when long-awaited RN prescribing regulations come into force.

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    'Rate your nurse' website gets firm thumbs-down

    8 July 2016

    A website listing New Zealand nurses' names and offering the chance to 'review' them is being called "completely inappropriate" by the New Zealand Nurses Organisation.

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    What is 'nurse' in Māori?

    6 July 2016

    To mark Māori Language Week Nursing Review looks at the several Māori words for 'nurse' and which word has been chosen by NZNO for its new Māori name.

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    Faith nursing rewarded with QSM

    5 July 2016

    A founder of the faith nursing movement in New Zealand, Elaine Tyrrell, was recently honoured with a Queen's Service Medal for her nearly 20 years work in the field.

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    Daughter follows mother's nursing leadership footsteps

    1 July 2016

    The new head of EIT's nursing school Jennifer Roberts is following in the footsteps of her recently retired mother Dr Susan Jacobs, who was the longstanding health faculty dean.

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    Nurse fatigue focus of $890,000 project

    23 June 2016

    Shift working nurses will be surveyed about fatigue-related errors during a major research project to develop a cutting-edge approach to managing nurse fatigue.

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    Oral history of Māori mental health nurses goes live

    23 June 2016

    The stories of pioneering Māori mental health nurses who trained from the 1950s onwards and helped to develop today's Māori health services are preserved on a new oral history website.

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    Nurse leaders find Budget hit and miss

    27 May 2016

    Extra money for health is welcomed but it falls short of meeting health needs and investing in the health workforce needed to meet health targets, say nursing and health leaders. They also question increasing tobacco tax without increasing investment in quit-smoking programmes and social supports needed to encourage people to quit.

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    Health Budget 2016 at a glance

    26 May 2016

    Health funding has been given a spending boost in the latest Budget. Nursing Review does a quick check of the books to report on which areas have had funding increased and which areas have not.

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    New grad employment dips after record high

    25 May 2016

    The number of new graduate nurses in work is down on the same time last year at just under 74%, according to the latest graduate survey findings.

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    Risk of too many unsupported new graduates in rest homes a 'concern'

    25 May 2016

    A survey confirming rest homes are employing high numbers of new graduates with no guaranteed mentoring is an "ongoing concern", says the nurses union NZNO.

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    ED 'running man' May mayhem

    23 May 2016

    The phenomenon began in early May with some dancing Kiwi cops posting a challenge and not long after nurses, doctors and paramedics around the country joined in. Check out some nurse dance moves in the Running Man Challenge videos from local DHBs.

  • Yvonne Shadbolt

    Another nursing education pioneer lost

    23 May 2016

    Another nursing education pioneer Yvonne Shadbolt passed away this month. Professor Liz Smythe pays tribute to the nursing leader who had a vision for a new era of nurse training and founded the forerunner of AUT's nursing school nearly 40 years ago.

Latest Issue

June 2016 Vol. 16 (3)
  • Annette Huntington 172KB

    Q & A with Professor Annette Huntington

    Professor Annette Huntington has chaired the Nursing Council and is currently deputy chair of the Australasian university nursing schools' body and head of Massey University's School of Nursing. Find out more about the former Plunket nurse's career and her favourite tipple when eating fish and chips with family and friends.

  • King

    A day in the life of ... a clinical nurse specialist (older persons)

    Michele King shares a day of juggling finding respite beds, ward visits lunchtime meetings and working with frail older people and their sometimes tearful but grateful children.

  • LTC graphic

    Long-term conditions: helping patients use apps and eHealth for self-management

    A dizzying amount of digital help is now potentially available for nurses to help patients self-manage their long-term conditions.  FIONA CASSIE seeks some advice from the experts on what technology nurses can add to their toolkits.

  • Bariatric

    The big and small of caring for the very large

    Chubby, obese, fat, bariatric, heavy. Finding the right words is just one of nurse researcher Caz Hales’ projects for improving the care of very large patients. FIONA CASSIE finds out more.

  • McClunie Trust

    Caring for family with an LTC: when the personal and professional intersect

    A nurse is naturally often the ‘go to’ person when someone in the family or whānau is diagnosed with a long-term or chronic condition. PATRICIA McCLUNIE-TRUST explores the issues involved. 

  • RN medal

    New Zealand Health Strategy: What does it mean for nurses?

    In April the government released the New Zealand Health Strategy which refreshes the direction for our health system for the next decade. The strategy highlights some of the challenges as well as what the future health system could look like. Nursing Review asked some nursing leaders for their views on what the resulting 'Live well, stay well, get well' strategy may mean for nurses.

  • Lonely

    Loneliness and being alone

    Loneliness can be a precursor to depression in older people. NICKY DAVIES for her PhD thesis asked older people what they think loneliness actually is. FIONA CASSIE reports on the findings and the take-home messages for nurses working with older people who may be lonely… or just alone.

  • Pam Doole

    RN Prescribing just months away

    The nursing sector has its collective fingers crossed that it is only months away from nurse prescribing being opened up to more than just nurse practitioners and diabetes nurse specialists, including nurses working in other long-term conditions. Nursing Review reports.

  • Stroke nursing

    Stroke nursing: the cinderella speciality no longer

    Every day around 24 New Zealanders –75 per cent of them aged over 65 – have a stroke. These 9,000 or so ‘brain attacks’ a year are the major cause of serious adult disability in the country, but stroke nursing is a specialty still relatively in its infancy in New Zealand. FIONA CASSIE finds out more from nurses working in the field.

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    STROKE CASE STUDY: Hutt Hospital stroke CNS

    Hutt’s stroke clinical nurse specialist Olivia Browne says she is fortunate in being able to work with stroke patients from acute admission right through to discharge from rehabilitation.

  • Jenny Carryer

    Ageing Dutch-style

    Nursing Review reports on Professor Jenny Carryer’s recent study trip to the Netherlands to find out more about the Dutch approach to caring for older people – including the acclaimed De Hogeweyk dementia care village.

  • Take note

    Take note: the legal importance of clinical notes

    Nurse-turned-lawyer Robin Kay looks at the value of good clinical notes and gives some guidance on how to write them.

  • Cyber bullying

    Cyberbullying in nursing: what is happening?

    Workplace cyberbullying is an insidious form of bullying that can stalk you from the hospital to home via the phone in your pocket. Researcher Natalia D’Souza wants to talk to nurses who may have experienced unwanted aggressive behaviour via any form of electronic media from text and email to social media and instant messaging. FIONA CASSIE reports.


    Are NSAIDs really that bad?

    In the first of a series of articles on pharmacology for nurses, Dr ANECITA GIGI LIM looks at how NSAIDs work and in particular how using NSAIDs can increase the risk of acute kidney injury.

  • Brain Food

    Brain food: does omega-3 each day keep dementia at bay?

    Critically Appraised Topic (CAT) looks at whether taking extra omega-3 makes a difference in slowing the progression of dementia.

  • Liz Manning COL

    New steps underway to develop NP role

    LIZ MANNING and JENNY CARRYER reflect on the journey to date to establish nurse practitioners (NPs) in New Zealand, plus they report on a new project to support NP supervisors and mentors in their essential role of training future NPs.

  • Westbrooke

    LTC Case study: teleDOTS

    Mobile video apps for face-to-face connection: Reducing the time public health nurses spend stuck in Auckland’s traffic can only be a good thing.

  • Robyn Whittaker

    LTC Case Study: Diabetes text alerts

    Crossing the digital divide with diabetes text messages: 'Old school’ text messaging is at the heart of an mHealth project to help motivate and support people with poorly controlled diabetes.

  • Sharon Sandilands

    LTC Case Study: Diabetes CNS

    Diabetes telemedicine in the rural heartland: Telehealth helps rural diabetes nurse specialist Sharon Sandilands serve a community spread across one of the most beautiful but isolated stretches of the country.